Monday, June 30, 2008

The days after the wedding. . . part I, over honeymoon

Well, i would say that the life after marriage was still as hetic as both the Tan Tan were busy bringing our japanese friend around in Singapore as well as to clear the post-events matters...

Honeymoon was short... the Tan Tan flew to Bali on a Tuesday flight and back to Singapore on a Sat afternoon flight. .

Kecak dance was still so outstanding though we watch it years back.

Bali was nice. It was relaxing, nothing being done ... . . just lazing around .. go for spa, walk aimlessly . . enjoy our private plunge pool . . we had our "thousand petals candlelight dinner on the first night of arrival" - it was nice. . recovery that we need . . . . other than the tons of bebek . other than the kueh kueh that caused both of us to suffer from stomach flu . .
Well, thats just a short post as I need more time to catch up to the time now... .hahaha.. i'm far behind time currently

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