Thursday, June 12, 2008

2 more days.... Just 2 more days to go

A week of leave from work but it is only applicable to office work. . was running ard more than compared to work..

compiling music, clearing the tasklist, preparation of sitting arrangement for day 1 and day 2 (Goosh!!! This is the worst!!)

But through this preparation for the wedding, it also allows me to realise something, there is indeed a generation gap between our parents and us. . . For me, my dad is so absurd in that he actually BOOK a bus to ferry our guest!!! OMG!!! For her, its her mum applying whatever she feels as "nice" or "good" on her... stressing her days out.

However, I would also need to say that through this, it makes us understanding how much our parents love us. One dad bought a red shirt and dye his hair for the first time, One dad who do not shop and keep his clothes until white becomes "brown" get a full set of new clothes, One dad who sliently work his best so as to earn for this wedding, One dad who pass a sum of hard-earned to his wife so as to get something for one Tan Tan.

Just 2 more days I would say.... only 2 more days...

Anyway, today is the chinese customary of "laying the bed" in which at 8pm sharp, my parents start to bring in stuffs to place on the bed including lotus seed, lily bud, etc etc. Well, it is rumored that this is supposed to aid Tan Tan marriage for love, kids, health etc. etc. The ritual was over in 5 mins but yet, I could not lay on my bed, could not sit on it and once again . . . continue on my ritual of sleeping on the floor. ...

haizz..... how i missed sleeping on a bed... .

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