Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mr Tan Tan says goodbye to the 20s and hello to 30.

It's time for Mr Tan Tan to face the dreadful 3s and bid farewell to the 2s that he's used to. Luckily, Mrs Tan Tan helped to make it easy by whipping up some great dishes. . for not 1 day but 4 days in a row as well as an awesome strawberry shortcake and traditional mee-suan in the morning.

Day 1 Gourmet:
1.Baked Whole Scallops
2. Freshly Made Crab Cake using king-crab as the main ingredient
3. Prawn Salad
4. Prawn cum Crab Bisque
5. Freshly-made Chocolate Mousse using mascarpone, fresh cream and high quality bitter chocolate.

Day 2 Gourmet:
1. French Onion Soup
2. Fresh Greens
3. Shepherd's Pie baked to perfection!
4. Strawberries in Mascarpone

Day 3 Gourmet:
1. Honey Roasted Chicken
2. Fresh Greens with Parmesan
3. Steak with Chips. You can see that it is cooked to perfection and the baked wedges was great.
4. Lemon and Mint Sorbet

The perfect strawberry shortcake.

Breakfast - Mee Sua in soup for longevity!