Monday, May 26, 2008

Tan Tan Life Begins will offically launch on 13th June

Well... this is my first shot at writing a blog and the reason why I am doing so is because.. hmmm.. the union of 2 Tan's. Well, it is as simple as me Erik Tan will be getting married to my love of 7 years and counting Serina Tan on 13th June.

and as you can see.. that's me and her in the photo. . hee hee.. you all may ask... why i like her. . or why she likes me? well... I can only say it is a natural feeling that is felt within... it is beyond words. . .

Some people may ask how it feels to be getting married. I can only say now I understand why it is described as "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" sort of event.. . it is darn tiring and exhausting. . Put it simply, for chinese like us, it is more like the marriage of 2 families instead of the union of a couple.

Anyway, I just had my traditional Guo Da Li yesterday with loads of Teochew Pastry, cakes and other bridal stuffs.. . . Its was quite an experience though...

anyway, I will give more updates down the road.. when i get a hang of it.. ha ha. .

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Anonymous said...

Why dun ya share how u all met in the first place? I kinda remembering it was at the airport or something! We were all so young!