Thursday, May 29, 2008

The day is Nearing !!

It is going to happen... soon ..... very very soon..... the 2 Tan Tans are going to be together....

hmmm.... so busy with the preparations and stuff.... however, felt so satisfied... hmmm... whats wrong with me?? My after-work hours are busier than my office hours and I fell more satisfied???!!! something must be wrong... but since I can't explain this... so be it...

It is now approx 2 weeks from our BIG day... to be more exact, it's 2 BIG days... customary on 13th June and Party on 14th June.

And to make it all the more outstanding.. our Jap photographer had accepted our invite and will be joining us in our wedding fun!!! Great!!

Well, that's him.. the third guy from the left. . cool right.. hee hee

anyway, really need to get the hang of this blog thingy and well.... daily scheduled updates will be done much later.. ha ha

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