Monday, August 16, 2010

The simplest joys in life...

The simplest joys in life make you happiest.

Having a simple sandwich in the park with your loved one,

Drinking beer under the trees,

Waking up to the beautiful sounds of birds chirping,

Strolling for an hour to the nearest train station,

Playing catching with kids,

Folding origami,

Using your elbow grease to make the bread dough,

Preparing for dinner with your friends and family,

Or sitting at home, watching the dramatic sunset unfold before you,

Marvelling at the marvellous wonders of mother nature.

We don't need a lot of money, but just living life simply, the way we want it, makes us rich.

We don't need that many clothes, nor branded goods, neither will we need a big house or car.

We know all these, but sometimes living in a city leaves us with little choice.
Somehow, a certain unknown force sucks us into it. We are made to spend most of our time awake at work, leaving little time to pursue what are supposed to be our passions in life. Without money, we cannot enjoy even the simple pleasures that bring us joy. But how much is enough? What is more important, and how do we draw a balance? When will we have the courage to step out of the cycle, and pursue a simple life that gives us the real meaning to live?