Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seafood & Durian @ Sebana

12th July.. the Tan Tan went on a trip to Sebana (Malaysia) due to a craving for durians as one of the Tan Tan's colleague told him that her aunts' durian had fell. Thus, a trip was arranged within a week and a total of 23 persons went for this trip. However, the inefficiency of the processing counter in Singapore and the open bribery of the guard in Malaysia resulted in an hour long wait for the boat ride back to Singapore. hmmm..

Well, lucky it was a partially paid-for trip with my current boss paying for the food and drinks (inclusive of seafood, lobster and durians). THANK YOU BOSS! (Guess what, he was quoted in today's StraitsTime on Safe Deposit Boxes) We had lunch at "Good Luck" seafood which I would say was so-so other than lobster and the wild boar that was fabulous. The kids certainly add to the fun of the group.

The feast of durians and other fruits.

The grouchy aunt who became very very friendly after a while. The durians was great with yellow flesh and red flesh durians and the "bitter" white flesh with a capital "B"

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